The life of the industrial cycle and its trades

The life of the industrial cycle is guaranteed by all of our technical and technological means, the skills and knowledge of our teams.


Operational functions

  • R&D : Innovation project manager, Eco-design
  • Product-Process Development : Development project manager, Injection and Tooling Expert, Methods & Industrialization, Development quality
  • Production :Maintenance technician, Special machines technician, Injection technician, Tooling technician, Team leader, Operators and quality control
  • Supply-Chain : Logistics technician, Procurement, Scheduling


To complete our know-how, the following functions accompany, monitor, support and collaborate with the operational functions to advance and guarantee the life phases of the industrial cycle :

  • Quality and HSE: Quality technician, Metrology, Continuous improvement, HSE coordinator
  • Purchases: Lead Buyer
  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Finance: Accounting and management control
  • Human ressources
  • IT