Sustainable development

Faced with climate change, and in response to our professional community’s aspirations and high consumer expectations, our industrial strategy is taking us on an energy-saving path, with recycling and eco-responsible sourcing. We are going even further in our pro-environment approach, with an investment in reforestation efforts.

Our Actions for the Planet

The “3 Rs” guide to our eco-innovation methods



Our Responsible Sourcing Charter governs our relationships with our suppliers

For several years, in light of evolving and increasingly ambitious environmental and social criteria, we have adopted a logic within our CSR protocols that takes account of the life cycle and overall cost of our products.

This eco-responsible vision has strengthened our relationships with our suppliers.

We cooperate with them over the long-term, respecting principles of equity, solidarity, and societal development.
When they sign our Responsible Sourcing Charter, our suppliers join our approach to progress, committing above all to compliance with the principles that govern our worldwide supply chain.

Together, we’re aiming for best practice within each of our specialties.

To roll out the benefits of this Charter across a wide circle of professionals, the PSB Industries group encourages all its partners to share it with their respective collaborators.

 “A new employee, a planted tree”

This initiative from Texen’s eco-design group illustrates PSB INDUSTRIES’ CSR commitment in favor of our climate, biodiversity, healthcare, and employment. In connection with our research and innovation programs with bio-sourced materials, we’re participating in the “Reforces’ action” project. We have planted 78 trees since the beginning of 2020, corresponding to the number of new group of employees.


This represents:

  • 11 tons of stocked CO2
  • 234 animal shelters created
  • 312 months of oxygen generated
  • 78 hours of work created