Sponsorship and patronage

PSB Industries’ CSR ambition includes social involvement at the community level supporting our employees’ career paths. It also means eco-designing our products with the environment in mind and, being proactive and acting locally. In this spirit, we are participating in the cultural life of the city where we were first headquartered and promoting inclusion through the reintegration of individuals in challenging circumstances. We have chosen to support “Le Club Création Bonlieu” and “La Presqu’île de l’Imaginaire” and are proud of this initiative.

Our actions to promote Annecy’s heritage

Our company promotes the cultural activities organized at Château de Duingt, an old edifice built on a wonderful peninsula on Annecy Lake. “The Peninsula of the Imaginary” uses this emblematic site to host annual musical and theatrical events. Thanks to this partnership, Château de Duingt has returned to being a place of culture, art, and poetry, in which to reflect and embrace creativity.


Like our company, “The Peninsula of the Imaginary” is very connected to all aspects of life in the Annecy basin and, Savoy region. This explains why PSB Industries became one of the organization’s founding group of patrons. From industry to culture, the spirit of innovation and openness creates a gateway allowing curiosity and generosity to enrich our minds and bring beauty to our lives.


Our actions to promote Annecy’s culture

Our company is committed to attractive aesthetics and supports multidisciplinary cultural activities in the city of Annecy. Bonlieu Scène Nationale Annecy is a theatre that recognizes the diversity of aesthetics that feed into the performing arts. Its program is diverse both in terms of genre (plays, dance, gestural arts, music, street arts) and the cultures represented.


PSB Industries is a patron of this association, identifying synergies between the economic and creative worlds as key for local area cohesion.
In particular, its CLUB CRÉATION specifically supports young emerging and innovative artists, enabling them to access the national and international scene and involving companies in cultural promotion.


Our actions to promote inclusion

Our company supports the Lazare association in its solidarity initiatives. Lazare coordinates and develops flat-sharing between young professionals and homeless people. The association is established in France in Nantes, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Lille, Angers, Vaumoise, and Valence, as well as in Spain (Madrid) and Belgium (Brussels). Other development projects are underway (Rennes, Bordeaux, Mexico…).


Over 140,000 people currently live on the streets of France. Lazare is offering an innovative solution that enables them to find accommodation and get back on track through reconnecting to a social network, increasing their empowerment. Individuals embracing the Lazare model choose to live a simple day-to-day life together. The model has already proven successful: 95% of flat sharers say they’re happy or very happy to live in Lazare accommodation. 85% of flat sharers who were once on the streets return to stable accommodation after leaving Lazare, and 40% return to work.


PSB Industries has chosen to be a patron of this association, identifying it as a good fit for our values of “High Standards and Care”, placing individuals at the heart of our CSR policy. In this context, we want all individuals to be able to progress and flourish, finding their own place and talents. Lazare’s accommodation is usually made up of male and female flats, often “managed” by a family with their own flat within the block. These are open spaces that place emphasis on getting together. Flat sharers in Lazare accommodation choose to foster friendly, peaceful, and joyful relationships. Lazare flats are “ordinary”, human-sized units with individual bedrooms and shared kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms. They have their own internal rules setting out certain benchmarks for living together.