Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Ensuring the safety of our staff and valuing and developing their careers means investing in sustainable and responsible growth.


The two pillars of our human resources policy: High Standards and Care

Our CSR ambitions focus on health and safety for all as an absolute priority.

Our health and safety policy is coordinated by the Group with a sense of responsible commitment at all levels. It is in this spirit that we encourage our colleagues to innovate in all fields.

We are particularly attentive to the individual initiatives behind the development of our CSR policies. One such example is the initiative launched by our Processes and Blow-Injection Testing Manager at Texen CEICA, combining CSR awareness and the improvement of working conditions.

He created 3D printing mask fasteners to avoid the discomfort caused by the daily pressure of mask elastics behind the ears. These fasteners, made of recycled plastic, are part of our overall 3R process (Reduce – Reuse – Recycle). We’re proud of this innovation and have been able to offer this product to our partners and health institutions.


Our self-assessment and individual accountability dynamics lead our continuous improvement strategy.


 Our CSR approach is at the heart of each of our specialties

The PSB Industries group integrates a human dimension into each of its decisions.

> The two pillars, “High Standards and Care” are used at all times, to ensure:

  • Respect for every individual (employee, stakeholder, customer, supplier),
  • Ethical actions, with a particular focus on the development of personal and collective responsibility,
  • Team Spirit as a pivotal factor for creating common values through innovation (social and technical)

We Value and Support Every Employee’s Career

Our company focuses on innovation and know-how, a key to its long-term success.


Performance : Operational support (through programs such as the Leadership Academy, aimed at company Management), and support for internal experts.
Excellence : Skills Reinforcement (with an ambitious training program rolled out across all operational and sales teams)
Creativity : Autonomy for each employee’s career (with an attractive and proactive internal mobility policy). For example, more than 40% of our unit directors come from internal promotions.
Change : Preparations for the future (with technological innovation programs and our Innovation departments such as the “Texen Lab”)


We exceed our customers’ expectations and create value together.

Our teams are sharp and high performing

  • Commitment
  • Professionalism
  • Continuous improvement

Our Gender Equality Index

We follow and accompany the Gender Equality Index in an environment that has historically been very male-oriented.

To encourage the employment of women in the company, we promote specific vocational training for all female staff members who wish to acquire technical expertise and ascend to management positions.

Competence is not gender-related!

We strongly believe that diversity creates value for the company and brings personal development to all.


Here are the Gender Equality Indices for Texen company, the size of which range between 50 and 250 employees for the year 2021:

Gender Equaliter Index
Texen MAYET 85/100
Texen CEICA 84/100
Texen ROSE Not calculable
Texen CMSI Not calculable
Texen DECORATION 76/100
Texen SAS 95/100